Our Targeted Audience

Their are 2 regions where our Audience are; UK and Nordics. But we are more than happy to look into any other region across Europe and Worldwide as we believe it is important to increase global interaction.

Our UK Audience Profile can be anyone and more from the following:

a) A Joint-Venture opportunity between a UK Company and Nordic based Company

b) UK businesses looking for Partnerships with Nordic Businesses

c) Venture Capital Invest from a UK Company with a Nordic based Company

d) From any Industry Business Sector ranging from Retailing to Manufacturing to IT to Government to Business to Technology

e) An independent Consumer wishing to read on current timely events in the UK.

f) A Sales Transaction with a UK Client

Our Nordic based Business Audience Profile can be anyone wishing to enter the UK Market and meet either of the above listed (a to f) or an independent Consumer living abroad wishing to read on current timely events.

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