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UK Market Access – Increase Trade between Bulgaria and the UK

Nordic News in UK is a service of Suaju Ltd an organisation that is working towards helping businesses based in the Nordics and the UK to increase international business development. Possibilities of a Joint-Venture, Venture Capital investment or even help to start a new company in the UK from start to end.

Email: enquiries@suaju.com or call: +44 (0)117 902 4532 to speak with the Managing Director.

For further information please go to the link: International Business Development

Internet Marketing – Timely Occurring Events

Nordic News in UK is an Internet English On-Line UK Newspaper that brings Business News occurring from the Nordic region to the UK. This would help the increase off overseas business development & trade.

If you have any particular timely event you wish us to write an article about within your Business. It could be related to a Product, Service or a new idea.

Call: +44 (0)117 902 4532 or email: Nordic@NewsinUK.info

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